Walter C. Rush

Walter C. Rush

Mr. Walter C. Rush is a retired educator whose career spanned 37 years. He taught at Carroll High School (Monroe, LA) for the majority of his career, preparing students to be competent and confident in their mathematics and computer science skills as well as inspiring those students to be all that they can be. Whatever path Mr. Rush’s students chose, they would be more ready to achieve success in life after taking his class.

The mere mention of his name evokes stories of his passion for mathematics and his matter-of-fact teaching style.  Not a moment of time was wasted in his classroom.  As you entered the door, you were assigned to complete work on the chalkboard, and your notebook was never closed before class was dismissed by him rather than by the school’s bell system.  Most students who took his courses love him dearly, but even those students who resented his strict instructional style respect and remember the lessons that he taught them.

Inspired by his grandfather who believed that “getting a good education” was key to a successful life, Mr. Rush graduated from Union Central High School (Columbia, LA) and received a bachelor’s degree from Southern University and a master’s degree from Tuskegee Institute, becoming the first in his family to graduate from college. Further graduate studies were completed at the University of Illinois – Carbondale, Atlanta University, and Northeast Louisiana University.

In addition to his academic achievements, Mr. Rush is a veteran, serving in the Army branch of the United States Military. He is the recipient of numerous awards for his commitment to education excellence. Included among the honors are Teacher of the Year at Carroll High School (numerous years); Scholars Banquet Teacher’s Award (1988); Henry Carroll Educational Award by the City of Monroe, LA and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee (2007); and the countless “thank you” messages from past students.

In retirement, especially the early years, Mr. Rush has tutored students and conducted ACT workshops. He has enjoyed spending time with family and friends, walking, and attending big sporting events such as the 1996 Olympic Games, US Open Tennis, and the Big East, SEC, and ACC basketball tournaments.
Born in Bosco, LA, Mr. Rush lives in Monroe, LA. He was married to an educator, the late Shirley Cross Rush. He has a daughter, Sonya C. Rush.