Danny Ray Hoston

Danny Ray Hoston
 “A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things”          
Barack (“44”) Obama
Danny was born September 5, 1963, in Monroe, Louisiana to the late Charlie Hoston, Jr. and   Leola Doublin Hoston.  He attended Lincoln Elementary and Carroll Jr. High Schools, and was a Carroll High School Class of 1981 graduate.

 He was an exceptionally astute young man in the areas of math and technology beginning in his junior high years and thereafter.  He was fortunate to have three of the most renowned educators during that time as his mentors, namely, Mr. Walter Rush, Mr. Abe Pierce, and Mr. Mackie Freeze.  In the spring of 1981, under the tutelage of the profoundly accomplished Mr. Walter Rush, Danny earned the esteemed status of a protégé.  He and another classmate borrowed two computers from Grambling State University and one from Northeast Louisiana University (currently ULM), and together they embarked on an endeavor that would prove to change the trajectory of their lives forever.  As a result of their unfaltering dedication and hard work, they became the catalyst for promoting computer science programs in the state of Louisiana.  Afterwards, Danny went on to win science fair awards from Grambling State University, Northeast Louisiana University (presently ULM), and Louisiana State University.
Upon graduating with honors from Carroll High School, Danny enrolled at Grambling State University with a full scholarship as a chemistry major.  He received his BS degree from Grambling in 1985; from 1985-1986 he was in the PhD program at Penn State University in State College, PA.  In 1991, he entered the master’s program at ULM and graduated in 1992.

Danny has successfully carved out a very prestigious career for himself.  From 1991-1999, he worked at Aeropres Corporation in Minden, LA.  Although he was grateful for the opportunity and the experience provided by Aeropres, his true passion…his dream…his heart’s desire was to someday become an instructor/ teacher.  During his time at Aeropres Danny prayed to God for an opportunity to see his passion come to fruition.  In 1999, God answered his prayer.  His career with Aeropres ended, and he was employed as an instructor at Grambling State University, Bossier Community College, and Southern University-Shreveport simultaneously from 1999 to 2004.   He left Grambling and Southern in 2005 but continues to work at Bossier Community College as an associate professor.  He also provides free tutoring via online and audio.
Danny is married to the love of his life, Sharon Gibson-Hoston.  He and Sharon collectively are blessed with successful offspring who take pride in their own professions and advanced careers… a chemist with a doctoral degree, an entrepreneur of business, a nurse, an educator with a master’s degree, and a certified recreational therapist.  They have seven grandchildren.  Danny and Sharon enjoy spending quality time with family and friends and traveling.