The purpose of the Bulldog Booster Club, Inc. is to provide Carroll High School Athletic Department with physical and supplementary financial assistance, encourage active involvement in an atmosphere that is consistent with the educational philosophy, history, and tradition of excellence of the school community.

The Bulldog Booster Club, Inc. also exists for the purpose of broadening the involvement of students, interested persons, and the school, through support for all male and female activities of the inter-school athletic programs. The Bulldog Booster Club, Inc. works to achieve this program through active participation from volunteers in concentrated support for individual sports, working closely with the coaches, athletic director, teachers, staff, and principals of Carroll High School.


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  • To support, promote, and maintain a high standard of integrity and good sportsmanship in all athletic activities associated with Carroll High School.
  • To foster and promote good will and fraternal spirit among the members.
  • To promote and encourage better attendance to all sports activities by the parents, alumni, athletes, students, faculty, and staff of Carroll High School.
  • To promote and encourage more young men and women at Carroll High School to get involved in athletics, either as an active participant or as a volunteer.
  • To raise funds to assist all athletic programs through the efforts of the high school’s athletic supported volunteers working for the operation of concession stands, selling advertisements, tickets, donation or any other legitimate method that shall be determined.
  • To assist in holding down expenses of the athletic department by volunteering for Carroll High School events.


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These purposes shall be fulfilled by ensuring that we:

  • Develop an organization with an active and involved membership that is concerned with the total athletic program at Carroll High School and all of its participants regardless of gender, race, socio- economic status, or chosen sports activity.
  • Promote school spirit and sportsmanship, and encourage attendance to all athletic events, support and encourage the academic endeavors of students.
  • Provide supplementary financial support for various athletic activities at Carroll High School.
  • Organize and stage special events and projects.
  • Assist the Carroll High School’s staff in the areas of sports promotion, publicity, and program development.